An enterprise is an important member of society, and as such, it must coexist with other elements of society. Its value will be recognized by the benefits it shares with society.

Tadao Yoshida, YKK's founder, carefully considered this need for mutual prosperity as he planned his business endeavors. He determined that contributions to society could best be achieved by the continual creation of value through innovative ideas and inventions. The resulting business expansion would bring prosperity to consumers and trading partners, thus benefiting all society.

For example, if a more efficient machine can be developed, productivity will be enhanced; or, if the material loss rate can be reduced, lower cost in the final product will be attained while making the best use of limited resources.

Also, Tadao Yoshida felt strongly that the fruits of these innovative ideas must not be retained by any individual. Instead, they should be distributed widely to society, thereby circulating the benefit. In this way, one can prosper while making a contribution to the enrichment of all humankind. Tadao Yoshida called this the 'Cycle of Goodness', and he made this idea his fundamental philosophy of business.

We retain this concept as the ongoing business philosophy of YKK.


YKK Group companies have always regarded fair and equitable treatment as the foundation of all of our operational and management activities, a belief expressed in our management principle "YKK Seeks Corporate Value of Higher Significance" and in our management mission, direction, and principles.

As trends toward globalization broaden and accelerate, world society is becoming both more equitable and more open. In recognition of this trend, YKK Group identifies itself as "a fair company on which customers can depend", "a company creates new values with advanced technology", and "a global company". Based on this corporate identity, we are working to create a concrete image for our company and set our goals with an eye toward the early 21st century.

The YKK Group is currently engaged in business in more than 70 countries/regions around the world.This broad reach provides us with considerable global marketing capabilities. However, with expectations for our Group increasing around the world, we continuously strive to gain further recognition as a "global company" capable of making a genuine contribution to society.